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Analog Shell 2
Important Information
A-Soft Analog Shell 2 is no longer in development. Customers who bought the software can still obtain the latest version from this webpage.
A-Soft Analog Shell 2 is a Windows Shell Application for Analog 4, the latest version of a free logfile analyzer. Due to some surveys Analog is the most common logfile analyzer in the world. And it is one of the fastest, too. The only big drawback is its complicated configuration through a .cfg file which makes it not only hard to maintain multiple accounts, but also requires the user to waste much time in finding out which of the far more than 200 settings to use. This is the point where Analog Shell starts. With Analog Shell you can easily configure all of that settings, perform needed FTP downloads and DNS resolutions and all with a single mouse click.
Selected Analog Shell 2 Features
  • Supports nearly any setting of Analog 4.13 (Unix specific settings not supported)
  • Lets you easily set or modify values through it's easy interface
  • Simple creation of templates which drastically speed up the setup of new profiles
  • Support for unlimited profiles/ servers/ accounts
  • Runs analog invisible and notifies you when ready
  • Produces structured .cfg files. If anyone would still like to modify them with an editor
  • Much faster than manual editing because of presets and selection menus
  • Detail descriptions of what the settings are good for
  • Includes Analog 4.13 (Freeware)
  • Automatic FTP logfile downloading capabilities
  • Built in support for third party DNS resolution programs
  • Work - offline mode