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A-Soft Navigator
A-Soft Navigator is an electronic indoor navigation system created for Windows Mobile PDA's, which allows users to navigate in large building-complexes. This software has the ability to locate the shortest path between two points, so that the user will be able to reach his destination in a fast and straightforward way.
Based on three main features, this software can be used to display electronic maps of buildings in various level of details. Additionally rooms and other meeting-points and their descriptions can be searched and displayed on these maps.
The software is suited for a wide variety of uses for indoor navigation and is optimized even for huge building complex areas with several thousand rooms. Please note that the software is primarily targeted at indoor navigation for pedestrians. A-Soft Navigator is not suited to give driving instructions or to be used as a car navigation system.
Obtaining A-Soft Navigator
A-Soft Navigator is not sold to end-users. Instead we enable owners of large building complexes to supply their customers with a specifically tailored application that comes preinstalled with all relevant maps. If you are interested in A-Soft Navigator to get customized for your tradeshow booth, university campus or anything else don't hesitate to ask us for a price quote at Navigator@A-SoftTech.com
Potential use-cases
Following you will find a short list of envisioned use-cases or fields where A-Soft Navigator has been used already:
  • Exibitions, Tradeshows, Fairs
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Government agencys
  • Any other large building-complex or area
System requirements
The software runs on any Windows Mobile based PDA and has adaptability to resource consuption levels, so it can even run on old devices. It does not need special hardware like a GPS device.
The following screenshots are from a Navigator version that was developed for the University of Regensburg (multilingual in english an german).