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About A-Soft Technologies
The history
A-Soft Technologies was founded in 1997 by Andreas Nahr with two main goals:
To develop, produce and deliver software in global niche markets (expecially in the form of software components) and
to provide consulting and complete custom ITservices for regional companies.

Only two years after the founding A-Soft Technologies had aready sold software components to several international cooperations for their own software development. Examples are SysOCX ActiveX Control or the ShapeIt! ActiveX Control (ActiveX is a software component technology developed by Microsoft).
A-Soft Technologies also developed two standalone applications that were marketed as shareware, a popular licencing scheme for software applications in the time.
The mission
A-Soft Technologies stays ahead of the global IT development providing software solutions and components in niche markets for lastest technologies that enable our customers to produce better software with higher quality in less time for less money.
The future
A-Soft Technologies is currently developing on the next level of software-engineering support systems that support state-of-the-art software development paradigms and techniques.